Retail Services

All Recycling, Inc. is the largest scrap metal recycling processor in the Rocky Mountain Region. Our two facilities in the Denver Metro area purchase both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals daily and are designed to allow customers to quickly and easily recycle their materials for money.

Both the locations in Englewood, near Santa Fe and Evens, and in north Denver, near I-25 and I-70, are open to the public. Simply drive across our ferrous scales or park and unload your nonferrous metals at our covered scales and allow our friendly employees help you. We can provide equipment to assist you to unload and help you sort your material for maximum payout.


  • Do I have to sort my material?

    No, but if you do you will get paid more for materials of higher value
  • When do I get paid?

    We will pay you immediately, onsite, by cash or check depending on the amount of the transaction

    Yes, by Colorado law, scrap metal can only be sold with a valid US ID such as a driverís license, state ID, passport, federal immigration ID, etc.
  • What kind of material will you not take?

    See commodity page for items we cannot purchase.
  • Do you take automobiles?

    Yes, we purchase automobiles at both locations. It is recommended you have the vehicleís title but it not required.
  • Do you take refrigerators?

    Yes. There is a $10 charge to remove Freon if it has not been previously removed.
  • Is there a minimum or maximum amount of metal you will purchase?

    No we will buy any amount large or small.
  • How do you set your prices?

    Prices are adjusted daily according to the various metals markets. We adjust our prices daily to ensure our customers receive a fair price.