Industrial Services

All Recycling, Inc. is the largest scrap metal recycling processor in the Rocky Mountain Region. We are proud of our long standing relationships with hundreds of industrial customers throughout the region. Our commitment to the best service, pricing and environmentally friendly operations has resulted in customer loyalty year after year.

We service our industrial customers from our main yard in Englewood. The facility it the largest single scrap processing yard in the region and has the capacity to service any size customer. Due to our size and quality reputation we can command the highest prices for the metals we sell and pass the benefit along to our industrial customers. We deliver unmatched services to our customers with a fleet of over 30 trucks and a huge fleet of semi-trailers, roll-off boxes and drop boxes of various sizes to meet our customer’s needs. Customers can expect service usually within 24 hours of any request and often quicker.


  • Do you pick up scrap metal?

  • How much do you pay?

    The price changes daily please call.
  • What size boxes do you have?

    3’x4’ to 60cy Roll-off.
  • Is there a charge for the box?

    No. Freight charges may apply.
  • What types of metals do you take?

    We accept both ferrous and nonferrous metals. (for a list of what we currently do not accept click here?)
  • How much can I put in the box?

    It depends on the size of the box but up to about 10 tons.
  • How far will you go?

    It depends on material and weight.
  • How long does it take to get paid?

    You can be paid the same day.